Thursday, December 17, 2015

Random Diego videos

Here's some random videos I had. Diego has been singing Frozen as always but in my new car it's quiet enough I can record him singing while I'm driving. It's black as you are just listening to him sing, I'm driving after all! He is too funny he knows so many words and can really get into it. Small sampling of more than one song.

Then this other video is Diego reading a new book he opened for 12 days of Christmas. I need to record him saying ho ho ho. If you recall when Callie was this age I made ornaments with recordings of her voice saying love you and ho ho ho. Diego can't say love you but he can say lots more words. He says ho ho ho merry Christmas. Usually he just says Christmas and leaves out the merry. I'll try to get one good recording of him so he can have a matching ornament to Callie. Having two kids really limits the time I get so crafty. Yikes we haven't even done any ornaments this year!

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