Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas #3 on NYE

Happy New Years Eve! I'm hopefully celebrating with lots of sleep. Diego went to urgent care yesterday as he now has pink eye and he's on antibiotics as well as the boogers and illness just aren't resolving. So today he had his best day yet. Still a lot of boogers and fussy compared to usual but up and playing all day.
We finally had our east coast Christmas since we postponed it while D was so sick. The kids had a great time opening even more presents... Spoiled much?! Diego was happy with his fire trucks and cars and Callie was so excited for games and shopkins. The overwhelming hit was Doggy Doo a game where a dog toots (that's our nice word for farts) and poops and you have to collect poop with a shovel to win. And a game where you feed a pig hamburgers until he gets so fat he bursts. Yep that's what my kid is most excited about. Gross yet quite entertaining and fun. Here's a few shots and videos of the fun.
I didn't tell Callie is was New Years Eve and she went to bed at 8 pm. We had enough excitement for one day. Instead she ended her night curled up reading with GaGa, super cute.

Uncle Chuck aka Goober took a bunch of photos and videos so I'll add those as I get them.

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