Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First fun in CT

D is still sick. He didn't throw up today but still has a fever and diarrhea. He did venture off the couch for a little bit of fun despite being so over tired. He doesn't sleep at night and has been crying for hours on end as well as only taking very short naps. It's very frustrating when he doesn't even want me to hold him when he's in his frenzy.
But enough about the bad stuff here's a little fun from our day and a brave uncle Eddie came to play with the kids. D even went on a mini hike with Ed through the snow in his boots. He loved that! Callie got a giant 5' cardboard spaceship out to play in and 3 rocking chairs and Callie's twin babies. We even got a bit of snow just enough to sled in at 7:30 am before the rain washed it all away.

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