Saturday, December 12, 2015

My First NEW car!

To say it's been a stressful week is an understatement. That would be why I haven't gotten to any posts. My car has been overheating and I drive a lot for work now. I was so worried I would be stuck on the side of the road. I brought it in and found out it needed a new head gasket which was nearly $2000! My car is barely worth that. The car plus sick Callie and grouchy teething Diego.
So Juan and I decided it was time for a new car. I needed something bigger that can accommodate the kids and all our stuff as well as more people so when we start toting around friends of the kids. Car shopping is stressful. Even once we figured out what we wanted, getting a good price is another story. Good thing I have persistent wheeler and dealer Juan who took care of all of it. So without further ado.... My very first new car, a 2016 Kia Sorrento. And I love it! Callie might like it even more than me. She's been sitting in all the seats and checking it all out.
I did have lots more photos I didn't get to posti while my evenings were full of car shopping.
Callie picked her very first edible lemon from our tree and made lemonade from it.
And we decorated a mini tree. We had a bunch of tiny ornaments so I wanted to get Callie a real miniature tree. Nena gave us this one she had which was adorable. Unfortunately it's not as adorable with the ornaments as the tree is more ornamental and doesn't really have true branches. The tree just sags with all the weight but Callie likes it so we just call it our Charlie Brown tree :)
And lastly we went to visit Tio Christian at work and Callie decided to help him work on the computer. She was really insistent. I had to drag her out when there were actual clients wanting to shop which she was not happy about.

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