Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Feeling better

It took quite a few days, a trip to the doctor and some antibiotics for Callie to start getting better. D just needed. Lot of sleep no cuddling and he came around. Who knew my vacation would be so exhausting and yet I got nothing done I had initially planned. So there is no cute Christmas craft this Christmas :( but I have two kids that have almost fully recovered and everything ready for Christmas.
Here's a few shots of the kids walking in the "rain" (it wasn't actually raining then), Diegos haircut while playing with his "teepee" tunnel (not sure why he calls it a teepee), eating fro yo with GiJu, getting a facial, making Christmas cookies and walking Christmas circle to see all the lights. So we stayed pretty busy considering the recovery days. Now I just need to get all packed tomorrow as it will be all fun on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

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