Saturday, November 28, 2015

Reading to Ava; Elfie and MiMi show up!

Baby Ava came over to visit today. She's not really baby Ava anymore now that she crawls and stands up! She's growing up so fast. Callie enjoyed showing her tons of toys and even reading her a story. Ava was a good sport and tolerated Callies borage of stories and show and tell. It was tricky to get all three kids to sit together for a photo. I even bribed with gummy bears but then they just can't smile because they are chewing! 

In elf news we now have 2 elves! Diegos elf arrived and we named it MiMi. We deliberated on using this matching elf or the standard elf that comes with the book Nena bought us. We decided she would ask a million questions if they were too different so we went with the similar one. Even being similar she gave us a hard time about the clothes being different and even the color. At one point she said MiMi wasn't real because her ears were different. After examining both she decided they were the same just stuck out less. Phew! She is a stubborn kid that can be hard to persuade. But now that she is satisfied with the new elf we can have some fun. This is where they found Elfie and MiMi today. Even Diego knows to look for Elfie and MiMi and points at them and says MiMi. He's too adorable learning so quickly from his sister.

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