Sunday, November 22, 2015

Adventures on a trolley

Randomly Callie asked about the Farmers market today. It's on Thursday in our neighborhood, but I thought maybe we can find another. Turns out Hillcrest has one Sunday's. And to top it off they have free offsite parking and a free trolley that drives you over to the market. I figured that checked off more than one box and we set off on an adventure. The trolley ride was by far the highlight of he entire trip. It's an open air trolley on wheels, so like a bus more but the sides are all open and you sit on regular park benches. Both kids loved this. I only snapped a quick photo before we left because it goes pretty fast and I had to hold on to both kids to keep them from falling off the seats.
Yesterday Nicky came down and visited and played a game of Hello kitty Bingo with Callie. They tied for the win and I lost (again). 
And at night they were nice watching YouTube videos together. Usually it's a fight over what they choose to watch or if they are touching each other. This should go next to the holding hands photo!

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