Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Disney California Adventure

Yesterday Callie went on her first Disney trip! I said forever I wouldn't bring her until she was at least 4, but Eliana convinced me to let her go earlier. Nena and Eliana were dying to take her to all the Frozen themed parts of the park and with the holidays and being off work they thought it was a perfect time. Despite my hesitations I went along with it, I was just there for the ride. Well I was wrong!! She loved every minute of it and didn't need to be any older! The only thing that would have helped if she was older was riding more rides. She isn't 40" tall and was pretty mad at the lady who measured her and said no to a ride. Oops I should have seen the sign before we tried. I knew she wasn't 40". But despite that one set back she was a trooper. We arrived at 8 am and stayed until 7 pm! We did almost everything possible within that one park. First things first we went directly to meet Elsa and Anna which she really liked. Then off to Frozen sing along, which ends in a snow flurry overhead and was quite magical. Then we went to Olaf snow land and went sledding, played in the snow and saw Olaf. We rode Monsters Inc and Little Mermaid rides. We walked the pier, went to every single store in the park.... Rode lady bugs in bugs land. Saw cars land.... Went back to see Frozen sing along a second time! Saw Disney Junior live with Doc McStuffins, Sophia the first and Jake and the Pirates, oh and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. We saw a musical rendition of Alladin (this was the one things she couldn't quite grasp what was going on as she never saw the movie before and was starting to get tired). We saw a sneak peak of Good Dinosaur in 3D, rode a carousel, had face painting done. Then last we saw the Pixar parade. Wow was it a fun filled day. Callie loved it and watching her was pretty spectacular. The Frozen themed stuff seemed to be the hit with her although today she changed her mind and said the parade was the best.
A huge thank you to Nena for making her magical day happen. I'm sure she will remember it for a long time. She even asked to go back tomorrow?! Maybe next year...

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