Monday, November 16, 2015

Blustery Day

We had a storm come through last night with rain and strong wind. It woke me up several times the wind was so loud. By morning the rain has stopped but it was still cold and windy compared to what we are used to. I took the kids for the usual morning walk to look for the bus and bundled them in jackets. Diego was so bothered by the wind. He kept touching his hair and covering his face. Eventually he got used to it and just dealt with it, either that or the excitement of a school bus beeping and waving at home distracted him from the wind. When we of back to the house I went to the side to throw away the doggy doo bag and when I came back all three of them were sitting together on the steps. Pretty impressive really.
Other than that, Manny is starting to actually sit with Callie and let her pet him when she is calm such as watching tv. This one was this morning, the two of them on her couch together.

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