Thursday, November 19, 2015

Get in line

Callie is sick again. It seems like every respiratory illness hits her way worse than everyone else. She ends up with a terrible cough, wheezing and trouble breathing. Even with her medications and inhalers it's a challenge. I slept in her room last night and she stayed home from school with Grandma today. Luckily I'm off for 11 days now so that's plenty of time for her to get well. And for a few more days I'll sleep with her. I'm thankful we haven't had any trips to the doctor urgently or hospital but it seems so unfair she is the one that suffers when she gets sick.
So the only photo I have for you is from yesterday that Tia Mari took while visiting D. This is pretty typical for him, lining up all his buses and cars on the edge of the couch. He sure loves buses and anything with wheels. I think that's 3 buses I see there. 

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