Monday, November 9, 2015

Catch up

Sometimes I don't post because I had a boring day or didn't take photos, but the whole weekend I had photos and just forgot to post them. I wasn't even busy at night just checked out from the blog I guess. Sorry... Without further ado here are a bunch of fun photos.

Friday 18 month check up at the doctor
Stats for the visit:
Height 2'6.5" = 4% (can this be right?!? He doesn't seem short to me)
Weight: 24 lbs- 54%
Head: 19.29" - 89% (he does have a big head)

Jorge brought D a bus cookie, he loved it both in looks and eating it. He played with it at first driving it on the table until I showed him it was food.

Diego crying when Daddy left for the Chargers game. I think he thought he was going... Sorry buddy not old enough yet.

Spinach muffins. I'm tricking Diego into eating veggies as he refuses. These actually taste totally normal but are bright green. He refused to even taste it. I also made some with puréed brocoli carrots and prune juice I didn't think he would eat and did. It's crazy because it's green he won't touch it but the other was brown and he ate it. I tried both and the spinach were much more normal and don't taste like veggies. Silly kid!

Lego builders time at the library. We made a dog house but that's a cat on the roof.

Can you see Callie hiding in the car? She refused to get out as she is terrified of the goose since it but her over a year ago. 

Diego isn't afraid of the ducks or goose and even ate the bread he was supposed to feed them!

Now all caught up except one batch I'm keeping for a seperate post, I'll do it tomorrow. I'll try to stay on top of it.

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