Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Funday

It was a beautiful sunny 75 degrees out today. It really couldn't have been a nicer day. January just might be one of my favorite months in San Diego. Warm and sunny but never hot and it's really not nearly as cold even at night as December. I'll enjoy the sun before the spring grey comes in.
Anyways since it was a nice day we met Nicky and Hunter down by the beach for brunch and some fun. It is always good to catch up with good friends and have some fun at the same time. Callie loves the rides at Belmont park and she was a little braver than last time and rode the submarine the whole way through without having to have it stopped mid-ride. She still loves the cars and wanted to play the fishing game again. The only redeeming factor of the fishing game is that you win every time, phew no meltdowns. But she somehow picks the good fish and gets a bigger prize. This time she won the raccoon which was perfect because I saw she had her eye on it. We have been reading two books that have raccoons in them and she has been quite intrigued by raccoons lately. A couple nights ago I heard her calling the raccoons, " raccoons come out, where are you, racooooons?" I told her raccoons are scared of people and bite or run away and she says, not me, they aren't scared of me mom. Oh ok. I just left it alone. She has been carrying that silly raccoon all day since we won it. To nap time, in her car around the block, playing before dinner and to bed tonight. Goodnight little raccoon.

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