Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Diego finally crawls!

Today is the first day I have seen Diego actually crawl. He has been getting around by moving from his hands and knees to sitting back and forth in a sort of strange scoot, but it's slow, inaccurate and looks ridiculous. Today he started crawling more than one arms length forward and I'm sure by the end of he week he will be much faster. We also got a new floor mat today that I just love. It has a farm theme with animals and tractors, numbers and alphabet on he opposite side. It's soft and squishy for Diego's head when he falls but water proof and easy to clean when he pukes on it. Our alphabet mat worked for awhile but was just yucky between the cracks and letters no matter how much I washed it it always got crusty puke in the cracks. So this is a big improvement. I only wish we had it sooner!

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