Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy MLK Day

I had the day off for MLK day and so I took the kids to the park and lunch with my work friend Amy and her kids. It was a beautiful sunny day. Diego played in sand for the first time and loved it! Well until he put a handful in his mouth, yuck!

Besides that I started a new thing with Callie who cannot clean up her toys well. For any toys she refuses to clean up and I clean up without her helping, they get put away for a week. I thought this was going to work well but she just shrugs and says I'll play that when I get bigger it's ok. I think she has too many toys so it doesn't phase her that today I took away: all the playdoh and playdoh toys, wipe off markers, tea set and a board game. I think if this still isn't making an impact we definitely have too many toys and it's time to clean out and give away some and put away some that she may enjoy more when she older. This kid is always outsmarting me!

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