Friday, January 30, 2015

Play doh birthday cake

Today is Jeana's birthday. She had to work so we won't see her until Sunday but Callie wanted to make her a birthday cake out of playdoh. So we made one with candles and all and sent her a photo. Callie was pretty proud of herself.
D did two new things today. First he ate baby food directly out of the pouch. I always put it in a bowl and use a spoon so if he doesn't eat it all it isn't wasted and full of germs. These peaches were left over from yesterday and the end of the container so I just let him. He did great! Maybe I can teach him to drink out of a straw next.
Then I left him on the mat in the living room and went to help Callie put othea on in the garage. When we got back 2 minutes later Diego was at the door about to crawl out on the deck. Where do you think you are going?!

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