Wednesday, January 14, 2015

GiJu and two

Gig braved watching both kids all day while I went on a job shadow day. I tried getting a photo of all three of them but it turns out to be harder than you think!
Callie did a bunch of fun art projects with GiJu today and this is my favorite one. She drew Diego. I think this is the first drawing I can actually make out something in. Maybe it's coincidence but it looks like a head body and legs to me!
Also Diego learned to pull to stand. Yesterday he did it in his crib and today on my pants and GiJ saw him do it with a chair and lots of other items. I tried to get a video of it but he wasn't cooperating. Maybe later this week I can get one. Until then I thought the safest practice would be to lower the crib immediately, already done. Phew! Just in time before he pulled some kamikaze move over the side.

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