Friday, January 23, 2015

Callies tricycle

I have been trying to teach Callie to ride her tricycle for awhile but she always gets frustrated and quits in about 2 minutes. After Monday at the park being dragged around I tried again to teach her and low and behold she got it!! At first she was slow bs would get stuck but then she got better and better and could pedal and even do a little scoot to get herself going. She didn't own a helmet so I told her since she learned now we needed a helmet. So after nap time we went to Target and she picked out this princess helmet. She loves it! So much she wore it in her car too and even took it with her out for ice cream tonight. Hysterical!
She also got really good at the hello kitty car. In the afternoon I let her drive nearly 3 blocks towards daddy's work until we ran into him and he picked us up. She was even stopping at the street corners and crosswalks then saying look both ways for cars ok let's go. So cute. D enjoyed her old red car and I think she is finally ok with letting him ride that one since she has this new pink convertable.
It was a big day. She's getting big fast. Next she says she wants to learn to ride her Barbie bike with training wheels. I don't doubt her, she will do it soon.

D has vampire teeth. I snapped these few earlier in the week. Today he has two new teeth coming in so it won't look like vampire fangs much longer...

First ride Afternoon ride with her new helmet

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