Friday, July 11, 2014

Some alone time

Tia Mari took Callie to the beach today. She had been planning this for a few days and so Nena offered to watch Diego for a few hours so I could have some free time. I have been needing to go shopping for some new work clothes since I don't have anything that fits these days and a dress for the wedding we will be going to in CT. So I enjoyed my free few hours with a shopping trip. I have to say one of the more enjoyable moments was riding in the car without anyone crying or asking 100 questions. I know I drive to work but there isn't anything enjoyable about driving to work. I had a successful shopping trip and bought both work clothes and a dress for the wedding. Diego was well behaved for Grandma and Callie and Mari had a ball at the beach together. Thanks to my wonderful family for keeping my kids occupied today and giving me a little sanity time.
Mari took these photos of Callie at the beach. Callie was so impatient waiting for her to pick her up this morning because she was so excited and she was still talking about her beach day tonight at dinner, so it's safe to say she had fun!

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