Saturday, July 26, 2014


I got free tickets to SeaWorld because I am technically a disaster service worker as a County employee. While I didn't do anything during this years wildfires as I had a newborn in past years I have so I didn't feel bad taking up SeaWorlds offer. Juan and I went and Enrique came too. It was a really hot day but we still had so much fun. My friend Amy met us there with her kids and we saw the dolphin show, played in the Sesame Street area, and got to meet Elmo. Callie had so much fun. Grandpa leg her play a game and she won the biggest prize!! It was a pick the duck game and she won a giant duck. She loves this thing and is even sleeping with it tonight. We ended the day with a pizza party at LaBellas. I don't think she could have had any more fun today. But I'm sure exhausted!

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