Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day weekend comes to a close

We ended our long holiday weekend with a beach party BBQ with friends. Juan's friends and their wives and kids all met at Mission Beach for a BBQ and to hang out for the day. We arrived early at 9 am to get a good spot and get set up. Packing for two little kids at the beach turns out to be a lot of stuff! We had a front row parking space but it still took 3 trips. This was Diego's first trip to the beach too. Callie had the time of her life playing with her friends and swimming in the ocean. She wore a puddle jumper and was swimming by herself in water deeper than she could touch. She hasn't figured out how to maneuver herself in one direction and was more floating in the tide but she was still cute. Sun and sand wore us all out though and tonight I was too tired to get the photos of my real camera. So for today I leave you with this tired photo of Callie on the car ride home. Tomorrow I will get all the other photos together.

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