Friday, July 18, 2014

Grocery store with two

I didn't take any photos but I think this story will make you laugh. I laugh now but at the time it wasn't funny. I took both kids grocery shopping with me today after a morning at the park. Callie sat in the cart while I carried Diego in the ergo carrier. Half way through shopping while ordering lunch meat Callie says she needs to pee. I asked if she could wait and she says no now! So I leave the meat counter and run to the back of the store through the employee doors and take both kids in the not so clean bathroom. I'm holding Callie over the edge of the toilet so she doesn't fall in while wearing Diego between us. She says she has to poop but doesn't like this toilet. She insists on getting down and not using that toilet. Then Diego gets screaming that he's hungry so I figure ill feed him standing in the bathroom in case Callie decides to go. Meanwhile Callie can't help but tough every filthy surface in the bathroom. And decides she will pee in the middle of feeding D. So now I'm holding D, balancing Calle on the edge of the toilet and hearing screaming. I swear the employees must have wondered what wa going on in there. 15 min later we come out with clean hands and 2 happy kids but now our ice cream has been melting in the cart. So we return the ice cream and trade for a frozen one, swing by the deli to pick up the turkey were ordered then get to the car. Don't you know as soon as we get to the car Calliie needs to use the potty again! Luckily I had one in the trunk and just sat her down in the middle of the parking lot while I put groceries in the trunk. She waited until we got home to poop and actually went to the bathroom climbed her stool and pooped on the big potty all by herself before she even called for help. So I guess I should be impressed! The lesson learned though was only go to the grocery store with full bellies and empty bladders, phew, parenting two can be difficult!

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