Thursday, July 31, 2014

Houdini boy

Diego love to be swaddled. He can't sleep unless he is completely swaddled arms down and tight. He's starting to get strong enough to break out of his regular swaddle but he can't sleep without it. It's also been really hot during the days and he sweats all wrapped in his swaddle. I thought there must be something better and I came across the swaddle strap online. It's pretty simple and for $30 plus shipping I thought I could make that myself for free in less than 30 min. So I set out to make one. I got lazy and used jersey knit so I didn't have to hem the edges. It took longer than expected and I still don't have te little pillows adjusted quite right but it works and he likes it. He slept this afternoon for 2 hours with it on. Here's a step by step putting it on. First put the inner strap across the chest. This holds it in place so it can't slide up near his face. Then put his arms down and the pillows on top of the arms. Then wrap the outer strap to secure it all. Pretty cool huh? Too bad I didn't invent it but I like my free version using scraps I had around the house. Just a few more adjustments needed to be perfect.
Also Callie's headphones came in the mail today for her to listen to music and watch movies on the plane. Doesn't she look like a teenager in her cool headphones, yeah I'm in trouble already.

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