Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Puddle Jumper

I bought Callie one of these puddle jumper swimmy things last summer and she didn't quite take to it. We accidentally left it at a friends pool. Their little girl enjoyed it for awhile before it got lost. They graciously replaced it with a new one and today Callie swam with it for the first time. Boy was she happy. This little invention is genius! I wish I thought. Of it. It makes it so easy for kids to swim around yet still safely float. After she sat under the table on her towel and held "class" where she was teaching manny to count and te alphabet. I wish I had this on video because it was so cute.
Diego had another vaccine today. Preservative free pneumococcal. Turned out better than the last but he still cried a lot today and was seriously crabby. Tylenol and lots of love. 3 vaccines down and still so many more to go. We have appointments almost every Wednesday for a looong time.

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