Sunday, July 13, 2014

Paging doctor Callie the boogie girl

Callie has a little cold with a runny nose. It's so hrd to keep her from wiping it all over her hands and sneezing all over everything. Hopefully we can keep this contained to just her and not spread the germs. She was playing doctor and checking Diego's heart yesterday which was so cute. She wears my old glasses (I took the glass out of the frames) because she says she needs glasses like mommy and daddy. I think she is so cute with her stethoscope and glasses. Maybe one day she will grow up to be a doctor and we can frame all these doc Callie photos.
I also snapped a few of Diego smiling and Callie in her car with boogers running down her face. Notice the outfit... Callie's choice, a Miss Independent tshirt and Mickey Mouse underwear, no pants. Oh Callie...

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