Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sick Day 3

Callie is starting to recover from her virus. Her fever broke last night and has not come back. She has a mild rash today but is on the upswing. The only tough part is that she is refusing to eat and is extremely cranky with lack of sleep and not feeling well. I have been worried about her refusing to eat even though the dr warned me she may and said it would be ok. I really wanted to make sure she got some fluids so I made fresh pears which she ate and tried everything to get her to drink. She would chew on the nipple of a bottle but not suck so I put a fast flow nipple and let her play in the tub with it. That worked at first and when that failed to work I switched to feeding her with a syringe. She ate like a sick little kitty out of the tiny syringe today and barely ate less than 1/4 of her usual daily milk. I am glad she doesn't have a fever anymore but desperate for her to get better fast because I am exhausted too and it's hard to see her so miserable. We try to keep her distracted and happy but its not working well. I'm crossing my fingers she gets some good sleep tonight and wakes up at least a little better than today.

Update: after some crying at bedtime I went back and got her to eat before falling asleep for the night, phew, feeling a lot better about her fluid intake now. I know how she feels as my sore throat just won't go away either, so to make it feel better I made almond milk ice cream after she went to bed to soothe my throat. Now off to bed for me too, before 8 pm, night night.

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