Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick Baby

Callie has had a cold for a few days; it's been going around as I had it too. But just last night she came down with a fever which continued today. She is not feeling too hot and has been sleepy and subdued. She has been enjoying her swing for the first time ever. It's probably soothing to just hang out and swing. We went to see the pediatrician to check her ears and lungs and she is doing fine, so they just want us to call back with an update tomorrow. She was tearing the paper on the table and having a good old time in their office. Notice the mischievous face she has and the torn paper next to her. You wouldn't even know she was sick! So I'm hoping she is feeling all better by tomorrow and no more fever, poor baby :( this is her first fever over 100

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