Friday, September 28, 2012

Battling a virus

Poor Callie has been very sick with a fever and diarrhea all last night and today. She had a fever that wouldn't break at night even with Tylenol, cool baths and naked time. We had a long night of crying and just rocking and trying to soothe her. I barely slept and stayed home from work to be with her today which was more of the same and trouble sleeping.
We went for a walk to get distracted. Then when we were home and she still wouldn't sleep and was just crying and crying I went back to my old bag of tricks.... Combining the best 2 sleep tactics I know, baby ergo carrier and vacuum. I literally strapped her on and just started vacuuming the whole house. By the time I finished the downstairs she was asleep and I could put her down in her crib. Phew!
I'm hoping this is a 24 hr bug and its overdue to be done but who knows. Poor baby is pretty miserable. I'll keep jumping through hoops to try and keep her calm and happy through this illness.

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