Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Relief, First Tooth

Callie's teeth seem to be feeling better today. She hasn't needed any Tylenol and is not as fussy and has not cried at all. She still wants to eat everything and is drooling a lot but we are improving. One of the teeth is actually through the gum now and the little jagged edge is visible and sharp! Hopefully she will be comfortable as the other makes it way through as well. I bought these silicone teethers with different textures on amazon as they had rave reviews. As usual I was not let down, she loves them. She can hold it herself and just chews and chews on it. Here she is with her teethers and I snapped about 30 photos before I got a good shot of the first tooth!!! Yeah Callie! Way to be tough and hang in there.

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