Monday, September 24, 2012

Pull over bibs

Callie always gets her hands in her food because she alternates spoon and hand in her mouth. She then always seems to get it all over her sleeves and clothes because she puts her messy hands on it. I decided I could make a simple bib that would solve these problems, and I wanted no Velcro because that ruins everything when it gets stuck in the wash. I also wanted no fasteners and soft dark colored fabric that won't stain. I decided it should pull over her head to keep it simple. I used left over fabric from my first baby wearing wrap and left over fold over elastic from her headbands. I made the bibs extra large so they cover her shoulders and the whole front of her body. I was able to make 4 in just 15 minutes or so. It was really simple and I didn't even sew the edges just the neck.
We tried it out at dinner with some sweet potatoes and it was a success! Yeah to mommy's homemade miracles. I think we will be making a bunch more soon. Here is a photo on the table and one of it in action.

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  1. I need to make these. Can I use a glue gun? ;-)


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