Thursday, September 20, 2012

Look Ma no hands

Callie can sit for a few seconds but she usually just wants to be rolling around on the floor. If she is calm and entertained she will try to stay sitting for a bit. Today we talked to GG and gramps on FaceTime. Callie was sitting and just watching them and smiling. She sat like that for over a minute without falling down. I wish I timed it but I had no idea she would stay sitting so long. I snapped a screenshot so you can see her sitting and talking to them. She is getting more and more intrigued by this whole FaceTime thing. Before she was uninterested but now I think she can recognize people and understands that they are interacting with her, as opposed to the tv. She was staring and smiling for a long time. Here is he screenshot, the interesting part is just Callie in the top window. I also cropped it and blew it up so you can see her better.
Also notice her first ponytail :) its warm out and her hair is getting longer and in her face. I'm training her to grow up to be just like her momma and the constant ponytail. Looks a little like Pebbles if you ask me.

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