Thursday, October 8, 2015

More walking around the block

The kids and Manny just love walking around the block. Neighbors and strangers think I'm nuts as Diego walks by himself sometimes 50' away from me. Both kids have always been really good at staying on the sidewalk and staying with me. I know strangers think I'm nuts but they do really well. One neighbor has a cat that actually likes my kids. Most of the other neighborhood cats run when they see them but this orange cat actually meows and purrs for them. It just happened to be a great time to walk this morning as well as the school buses were all headed to school and we saw two school buses and two city buses in the course of 5 minutes. Diego gets so excited about buses it's crazy so I tried to get this quick video of him so excited about the bus. My favorite part is the bye bye bus at the end. He's just too adorable.

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