Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ending my week on a positive note

It's been a rough week with the car issues, being at a new job and waiting on Callies test results. But today I ended my week on a much more positive note. I had a really good day at work and was able to see 2 kids and feel productive and like I was able to use my skills. I also got a call after I left a second message at the nephrologist. The results were in and her blood pressure when watched over the course of the day was actually within a normal range. The diagnosis is white coat hypertension meaning she just gets nervous at the doctors office and her blood pressure is much higher. It was such a relief. I really didn't need anymore to add to her list of issues and doctors appointments. I am so thankful and happy that the end result is she just has twice a year check ups in nephrology. So I was on a cloud, nothing could ruin my day not even Diegos meltdown at dinner when he was overtired (he fell asleep in the car on the way home and looked like an angel) or Callies meltdown at bedtime because she didn't take a nap. Nope, these things aren't going to bother me today because I have my car back, my job is showing me I love what I do and my daughter is healthy. :)

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