Wednesday, October 21, 2015

24 hours over

I spent the past 24 hrs spending every minute with Callie to complete a 24 hr ambulatory blood pressure measurement. She wore a cuff attached to a tiny machine that takes her blood pressure every 20 minutes and records it in the memory of the device. I tried to make it fun but let me tell you it wasn't, for either of us. It started fun but quickly wore off when she couldn't remove it, it was hot sweaty, hurt, disgusting, you name it she complained about it. We got barely any sleep all night and that just made her grouchier. We went to the movies to distract her, visited my work for my going away breakfast and shopped at the toy store. It's done and now we wait to hear back. I couldn't have done it without Grandmas help keeping Diego extra long hours since there was no way I could have managed both. Once we dropped it off and we're done we went to Grandmas and ended the day with riding bikes down a hill. What's more fun than that?? And check out Diego all by himself! Little dare devil.

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