Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Who knew that Halloween was so much more fun with a 3 year old? The last few years were fun but seeing Callie really trick or treat this year was great. She was so excited it took her 2 hours to fall asleep for her nap time this afternoon! Luckily she did as she stayed up late. We walked the whole block! She got a lot of candy, more than we could ever need. Diego and Ford joined for just our street and then headed home. Jeana took all the real photos so I'll share later but here are some from my phone. Callie choose the costumes this year with Elsa being the obvious winner and she chose Olaf for Diego and Anna for me. I bought a child size costume and just pinned it on me. Callie gets to keep it and wear it that way and you already saw it at the last Halloween event we went to.
We had so much fun tonight but unfortunately despite picking through all Callies candy to make sure we remove all nuts and eggs she still ended up with hives covering her arms and legs that took two doses of Zyrtec to clear up. Poor kid. I don't even know what it could have been. She didn't let it put a damper on her night that's for sure. Smiles despite the hives :)

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