Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just walking down the street

Callie had a follow up appointment in nephrology today for her high blood pressure. I haven't written much about it as its stressful enough for me to deal with and I don't want others to worry if we have no reason to. Despite all the tests and doctors visits we have had we still have not found a cause. To be truly sure the blood pressure is high before we go looking into more invasive imaging, we will be doing a 24 hr blood pressure monitoring. She just walks around with a cuff and a tiny machine all day. It's sounds easy but for a 3 year old I bet it will be more challenging than I think. I'm already starting to bribe her. We don't have a definitive date but sometime early next week. I just want it done like yesterday. It's the worst not knowing.
Another thing I haven't written about but it's adding to my stress level is that I quit my job! I have 4 days left and am trying to get everything all tidied up and finished for the next person in line. The stress is only on the feeling finished and starting anew which I need to just let go. It's all going to be fine even if I don't finish everything.
This was a really big decision for us but I decided to accept a job for less money but more time with the kids. I'll only work 3 days a week and have 11 weeks off a year (school schedule). This will allow me to travel to see my family and just spend some quality time with my kids. I'll also get back to seeing kids (clients/patients) directly. I'll be working with birth to three year old kids with various disabilities and delays. The services are provided in home through a school program. I'm really excited to be back working directly with the kids and families. Of course I'll miss all my friends at CCS as its been a great 8 year run there. For now I chose time over money, I'm sticking with my motto of money isn't everything and I'll soak up all the extra hugs and love from my kids being home more. They are only little once and these are the only two we will have. I'm so thankful to have this opportunity and be able to make this work. Having a super supportive and loving husband who stood behind me to make this big leap and even pushed me to do it is incredible and I love him every second for it. Onward to the next adventure!

Today it was a simple walk around the block with Callie and her baby, in the baby carrier of course. She's just a doll and wise beyond her tiny 3 years.

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