Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome home

Today was a welcome home kinda day. I stayed home with Callie who has been sick with a fever. Of course today I started feeling sick just when she stops the fever and the boogers improve. I'm hoping I fight it before it gets too bad or D catches it but I have a bad sinus headache and pressure.
Also GiJu went home today and made it home after a very long day of flying. She called on FaceTime to say hi to Callie and show her she was home. I think Callie finally grasp the whole concept and there was no crying or confusion about GiJus departure today.
Tia Mari came by to visit the kids and help me which was exclwnt rachae I am exhausted after being up all night with the kids. Extra hands and playmates for Callie are always welcome!
In the late afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa house as they got back from Hawaii earlier in the week but we hadn't seen them still. Callie ha been asking to go over for a few days. She got presents, of course, and so did the rest of us too. Callie and my present were matching Hawaiian dress and shirt and I Love it! They are so cute. Callie loves them too and insisted we wear them immediately, so we did :) and we took a photo with her lei. Callie got to eat beans for dinner, her favorite, and Tia NaNa made her s'mores for desert. What a spoiled little girl.
Now it's off to bed as early as possible so we can get some rest to feel better as soon as possible.

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