Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rest up little sick kid

Callie has had a cold with boogers since Tuesday and a fever since Tuesday night. It goes down with ibruprofen but then in a few hours comes right back. We spent the day unpacking suitcases and resting at home. Juan has also been sick and resting this week. I'm hoping Callie's fever is gone tomorrow and she doesn't have an infection. I'll be calling the pediatrician tomorrow and likely be bringing her in. Lots of resting at our house but that's ok after a very busy two weeks. Hopefully Diego and I can stay healthy. My mom leaves tomorrow and we won't see her again until Novemebr. I know Callie will be sad as this morning she kept asking to go back to CT to play with her friends and cousins. It's been a fun 3 weeks with Gig and we were so gla to have all this time with her.
I took this photo of the two kids a few days ago. All smiles!

And Diego learned to sleep on his belly this week since the swaddling wasn't working anymore and he can't sleep with his crazy arm movements that wake him. He is plenty strong to lift and turn his head and he sleeps right next to me and I figure it is safer than letting him sleep in my bed. He even took a nap in his own crib in his nursery today for the first time ever! For awhile he will still sleep upstairs with me since he eats every 2-3 hrs at night still but eventually he will make it to that nursery I worked so hard on.

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