Friday, August 22, 2014

Sick house

After Juan and Callie illnesses I was hoping for a healthy week for me and D but unfortunately we both succumbed to Callie's cold symptoms last night. Both D and I are pretty miserable with head congestion and difficulty sleeping. Diego just wants to nurse and nurse to comfort himself but gets so overfull he throws up all day. It's a vicious cycle. Hopefully we get some sleep tonight but it's hard to sleep with so much sinus pressure and congestion.
Callie is feeling better and luckily Tia Mari came to play with her all morning so I could focus on D and in the afternoon Grandpa took her to a work picnic. She came home with balloon animals and face paint! 
I was glad she got to have some fun since I was not up to entertaining her and taking care of a sick baby. I was supposed to go to two parties tomorrow but that's not poking promising. Just hoping for some sleep and to feel a little better tomorrow.
Thank you Tia Mari and Grandpa for entertaining Callie today, I'd be lost without my family to help.

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