Friday, August 29, 2014

Callie's big girl bed

Callie officially moved into her big girl bed tonight. Technically it's still the same bed, we just removed the rail and put up the toddler rail. The decision to do this was because she has tried climbing out lately and I had a friend whose daughter broke her arm falling off a bed last week and needed surgery. Granted it wasn't a crib or a toddler bed but it felt like a sign to listen to Callie's attempts to climb over the crib.
Earlier in the week we went to Joann fabric and I let Callie pick out fabric for new bedding, sheet, pillowcase and a blanket. I tried hard to talk her into curious george or Mickey Mouse but she insisted on Hello Kitty. So that is what we bought. Yesterday I sewed up the bedding while she was sleeping so it could be a surprise.
Today we got out the tools and made her bed into a toddler bed. Boy was she excited. We gave her two rules: 1. No jumping on the bed 2. Stay in your bed when put there.
I was hoping she would remember from GiJu house and still do really well. She even called GiJu and Papa on FaceTime to show them her new bed.
Unfortunately at 8 pm I can say she isn't asleep yet and I had to close her door as she walked outside on the deck already. I'm hoping this is short lived excitement and she figured out to just go to sleep soon.
Here is her bed and a video of her seeing her bed for the first time. It's like Christmas morning.
Also today we went to my friend Amy's house and had 8 kids there playing today. She has AC so her house was nice. I brought homemade Popsicles and we beat the heat with all 8 kids, phew! They sure had fun though, well maybe not Diego but everyone else did.

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