Saturday, August 16, 2014

Getting ready to say goodbye

I have been so busy the last few days I haven't posted anything. We have been having a great time though. I have lots more photos on my camera but haven't taken them off yet so I can only share what I have on my cell phone.
Thursday I left the kids with my mom and my brother and had a nice afternoon out with my friend Danielle.
Friday we went to Mondos and played on his playground and in his jumper with his kids. In the evening we went to swim and have dinner with Marge Jon and Pedro.
Today we went yard saling. Callie visited Gordon to celebrate his birthday. I went to see Ashley and Matts new house. We went to PaPas softball game and had a spaghetti party at the house.
Now I'm frantically trying to pack up all our stuff and then some (lots of fun toys to bring home) before we leave tomorrow at 5:50 am. It's the earliest flight so I have to get going but here's a few to hold you over.
And one from Ashley's professional wedding photographer of Callie that I just LOVE!
Wish us luck on the airplane tomorrow. I already told both kids no crying the whole way.... Yeah right!

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