Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beating the heat

It's been so hot! In the 90s for days. I just hate it and the kids don't like it either. Today Juan was home from work early but then was leaving to go to the Chargers game. Callie was crying that daddy was leaving and meanwhile it was 90 degrees in our house. So we packed up and brought a pizza to grandma and grandpas house. It was just Grandma and Grandpa tonight and miraculously the kids were well behaved and quiet. Diego took a nap and Callie watched videos in bed with Grandma. We enjoyed an easy dinner and the AC to keep cool.
When we came home it was after bedtime. Somehow I managed to get Callie in bed quickly with no tears or calling for me and then Diego bathed , fed and to sleep without any real crying. Phew that's like winning the lottery.
The only photo I took today was of Diego sitting in his new highchair. Callie refused to share hers with him. My original plan was to move her out of the seat and let him use it but she had other ideas. Since she does still sit there quietly and watch cartoons in the morning I figured it was best to get something else for D. So to Craigslist I went and found him a slave saver highchair, a baby monitor, a baby piano, and a play table all for $15. On top of that they were moving and so they gave ya a bunch of other items too including a pool you, plastic dinosaurs, a soldier helmet, and a cute bunny in a cage for Callie.

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