Friday, August 31, 2012

What's for dinner?

I forgot to do this post last night, sorry.

Callie is moving on in her food choices; today we decided to have peaches for dinner. I whipped up a batch in the new vitamix. Fresh peaches and breast milk, peaches and cream sounds more like dessert than dinner! Callie was eager to try a new food and while I think she liked the taste she wasn't too sure about a new texture. She made a lot of faces while she was eating it. She ate the whole bowl I had for her so I would say that's a success. I also made extra and froze it. And for other choices I made apples and cauliflower. Lots more baby food making soon now I have my vitamix. It's so easy. For me I made homemade peanut butter, a smoothie and fresh fruit juice. Yummy!

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