Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewing safe bumpers

Callie has been getting her arms and legs stuck in the crib lately with all her acrobatics in bed. It's a big problem at Grandma's house as her rails are more flexible and she can really get wedged in there. At our house the slats are wide and thick so they don't budge but she has still gotten stuck. I was going to buy mesh bumpers but after looking at them online I thought I can make that! It's just mesh sewn to size with trim for decoration. I did some research on the best way to attach them and Academy of Pediatrics or something similar said bumped with ties are a hazard so ties were out. I went with Velcro as its secure, hidden when it's stuck together and shouldn't pose a hazard.
My crib has a changing table as well so the standard ones wouldn't fit. I made mine with only 3 sides.
Ok so to buy them it's $40. I made 2 sets for $15! I could have done it for less than 10 but I had poor planning and bought twice as much mesh as I needed because I forgot you could cut it in half.
I also made mine taller than the standard ones so she couldn't get her arm in there no matter what when she rolls. These are just going to be used a few months as once she can crawl and sit and stand in her crib I don't we will need them. So I'm happy with my creation and they look really good. Here they are.

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