Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Earthquake!

Callie experienced her first earthquake today. Guess its part of growing up in southern California. I wasn't home and didn't feel it because I was in the car. Juan was home with Callie who was napping. He said as soon as the earthquake happened she woke up crying, but just for one minute and fell right back asleep. Ha ha it's like someone shook her bed and she got mad just for a second. What a trooper.

Also today I sanded down Callie's door so it actually closes. We thought it might dampen the crying sound at. night for Jorge.
We have decided she needs to start learning to sleep at night and not eat so I am only feeding her after 4 hours even if she is crying. So far 2 nights in and she complains a lot but only cries around 4 am. So I'm hoping all the crying results in longer periods of sleep but for now it's still tough! I'm not even asking sleep through the night, I'm just requesting 4 hour blocks. I'm sure once we reach that I'll try to move on to 6 hrs, that's my ultimate goal. One night feeding sounds reasonable to me :)
Callie is still very interested in her feet. I put her down for a nap today and couldn't quite see what she was doing on the monitor so I went to check on her. This is what I found... Callie trying to pull her sock off and eat it. Very adorable but wasn't helping nap time!

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