Monday, August 13, 2012

3/4 month checkup

Callie had her checkup with the pediatrician today. She is doing good and growing fast! She weighs 16 lbs now, which puts her at the 85th percentile for weight. She is 50th for height. We love all those rolls and pudge and are glad she is such a good eater.
She is teething and chewing on everything! Its hard to get a photo without something in her mouth.
The dr doesn't have any great ideas why she wants to eat so much at night. She is going to ask around and call me back. She has never had a kid that wants to do most of their eating at night.
She was tough and got another shot today. We decided to spread them out after the last time when she got a bad rash. So we have to go back over the next 2 weeks to get the rest of the vaccines she needs.
Also today I got a break for mommy to go get a massage. Uncle Christian came to babysit and give me a break to relax. It was nice, I could have just fallen asleep on the table.
Here's hoping that month 4 brings me more consistent sleep! Only 1 week away from 4 months.

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