Saturday, August 18, 2012

Teddy bear bedtime

I've been trying to make bedtime somewhat more comforting and routine for Callie. She still tends to cry quite a bit at bedtime. Sometimes she cries more than 25 minutes and then I will go calm her and try again. Lately it seems even harder for her to fall asleep. I decided it might be nice for her to feel comforted by an item. My choice was this very soft flat bear that has no hard parts she got from the DeBiasi family. It's very soft, you could lay on it because it's flat and it has nothing to hurt or scratch her. Lots of her other toys have eyes or have a rattle in them even when they are meant for bedtime. I keep putting it under her arm when I put her to bed. Some nights she sleeps in the same spot with it under her arm and other nights she rolls or crawls away from it. Either way it's too darn cute so I had to show you. Hopefully she learns to love it and it comforts her so one day we have a no crying bedtime.

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