Monday, June 18, 2012

Exersaucer and new friends

Yesterday we took out the exersaucer and put it together since Callie likes to be upright all the time. Our living room is already full of baby equipment that she hates so why not add some more stuff? But she actually likes this! We have to pad all around her with a towel because she is so little in the seat sling. Her legs also dangle and are far from reaching the ground, he he.
Our friends Kyle and Meaghan bought Callie this and we are excited to say they welcomed their brand new baby girl into the world TODAY! Congrats and welcome Emma Elizabeth. We hope you and Callie can be friends even across country. We can't wait to meet you when we come visit.
And our other friends Chris and Nelly welcomed their little boy Colin into the world today too. Congrats to all and we are excited for Callie to have some new friends!
So here is Callie in her exersaucer and one of her new friends Emma & Colin too.

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