Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doctors and vets take 2 or 3

I called the pediatrician today and got to speak with someone in the group, although not our dr. She thinks Callie has contact dermatitis meaning something touching her is bothering her. I can't think of anything but there isn't much they will do for her so I opted not to bring her in unless it doesn't get better by the end of the week. The rash has gotten worse since the dr recommended changing detergents and lotions so I am going back to my homemade products to see if we can clear it up. Hoping the wonders of coconut oil in my homemade lotion is as good as the grapefruit seed extract. Her thrush is now completely gone!
On the other hand, my other baby is also sick. Manny has been acting really weird, confused and scared. We noticed he gets scared of things and runs away, the bigger shock was his fear of his own food bowl! I mean this dog loves his food. Then last night when we finally got the baby to sleep at a reasonable 9:30 Manny started acting extra weird. He was licking and swallowing nonstop uncontrollably for nearly 35 minutes. When I spoke to the vet today she thinks that all these behaviors could be minor seizures. So I picked up Keppra a seizure drug at the pharmacy for him. We are hoping this does the trick and he starts feeling better soon. I am also starting some herbal cures for manny including dandelion root and milk thistle. Hope it works as good as the grapefruit seed extract.
Here is Callie airing out her skin and also after a bath tonight to try and clear up the skin rash.

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