Friday, May 25, 2012

Stroller ride big girl style

We were taking the dogs for a walk and thought Callie would want to go out for another walk. We are trying not to use the carseat so we set up the stroller with the snug n go support which helps hold her head and support her body (usually its in her carseat, but it's made to work in strollers too).
I had a hard time adjusting the straps and the sleepy Callie soon became the screaming Callie. It was cool out so we bundled her in a snow hat (thanks to Jess) and a warm blanket (thanks to Norma). Too bad she was so mad and didn't settle so half way around the block I took her out and carried her home. Nice try. Next time I'll get the straps sized correctly before I put her in.
The photos are out of order. End of walk with me carrying her is first. Sorry cant figure out how to switch it.

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