Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finding the perfect pacifier?

Callie refuses to take any pacifier. She constantly wants to nurse making me the human pacifier all day. I literally mean all day, like hours at a time. She doesn't even want to eat. She will drool out the milk or clamp down to stop the flow and just chew on the end. Needless to say I'm sore and tired of being the pacifier. She can't seem to calm herself without nursing and will scream for hours. She is an incredibly fussy baby.
So today we went to target on the pacifier hunt. I bought 4 new kinds of pacifiers and we already had 3 kids. I figured one of them had to work for her. So we opened them all and tried them out. The final result...... Drumroll.... NONE!
Here she is trailing a pacifier with GG and then before I could even click another photo spitting it out. I'll keep trying but she sure doesn't want one.
I have a special all natural rubber one from Germany being shipped in Saturday, maybe that's the one?

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